Research and Development


Research and Development

The objective of the Annual Electric Power Sector Research and Technological Development Program is to search for innovations in order to face the technological and market challenges of electric power companies.

Financial Resources

1% of the Net Operating Income (NOI) of power generation companies shall be used in accordance with Law No. 10,848 of March 15, 2004. Its application is as follows:

  • 40% shall be deposited in FNCDT
  • 40% applied to R&D Projects
  • 20% deposited for the MME


The “Electric Power Research and Technological Development Program of the Electric Energy Sector Manual” (ANEEL, April /2006) regulates the procedures and operational flows related to elaboration, submission, analysis and approval, as well as the monitoring and inspection of the execution of the Annual R&D Program projects that compete with the electric power companies themselves (40% of R&D resources).


ANEEL is responsible for analysis, the approving of Annual P&D Programs and the monitoring of the execution of approved projects, as well as for the supervision of them. The program analysis stage is carried out in partnership with the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (abbreviated in Portuguese as CNPq). The program monitoring activity is carried out by ANEEL or state agencies under the terms defined in their cooperation agreements.