Shareholder Composition


Shareholder Composition

Currently, Investco S.A. includes the following companies as controlling shareholders:

Composição Acionária

The social capital is R$ 961.793.701,46 (nine hundred and sixty-one million, seven hundred and ninety-three thousand, seven hundred and one reais and forty-six cents), total subscribed and divided in 786.406.270 (seven hundred and eighty-six million, four hundred and six thousand, two hundred and seventy) nominal shares, without nominal value, with 402.202.308 (four hundred and two million, two hundred and two thousand, three hundred and eight) ordinal shares, 255.559.826 (two hundred and fifty-five million, five hundred and fifty-nine thousand, eight hundred and twenty-six) preferencial shares class “R”, 107.199.382 (one hundred and seven million, one hundred and ninety-nine thousand, three hundred and eighty-two) preferencial shares class “C”, 5.156.240 (five million, one hundred and fifty-six thousand, two hundred and forty) preferencial shares class “B”, and 16.288.514 (sixteen million, two hundred and eighty-eight thousand, five hundred and fourteen) preferencial shares class “A”.

Shareholder Composition of each company

EDP 73,00%
CEB 20,00%
CPFL 7,00%