Environmental Programs


Environmental Construction Specifications


Services Medical, Sanitary and Health Education for the Canteiro Popul


Restoration of Lajeadinho Population and Rural Population


Recovery Plan for Degraded Areas


Relocation of Palmas Sanitary Landfill


Disclosure and Information Plan


Program for the Xerente Indigenous Community


Archaeological Rescue


Population Relocation Monitoring


Public Health Program


Rural Population Relocation


Urban Population Relocation and Relocation


Recomposition and Expansion of Tourism and Leisure Areas


Adequacy of Economic Activities


Adequacy of Public Services During Construction


Redevelopment Plan for Lajeado and Miracema do Tocantins


Porto Nacional Coastline Reurbanization


Recomposition and Improvement of Social Infrastructure


Restoration and Improvement of Road, Electrical and Sanitary Infrast.


Rural and Urban Areas Acquisitions


Accident Prevention against Venomous Animals


Environmental Education Program


Conservation of Fish Fauna


Ichthyofauna Research (Fish Population)


Limnological Monitoring (Water Quality)


Reservoir Protection Range: Zoning and Reforestation


Reservoir Area Deforestation and Cleanup


Implementation of Conservation Unit


Search for Alternative Deposits


Monitoring and Stabilization of Marginal Slopes


Hydrogeological Monitoring


Monitoring Systems