Disclosure and Information Plan


Disclosure and Information Plan

Status: completed

This program propagated information on the Plant’s implementation and the formation of its reservoir for the rural and urban populations, community associations, non-governmental organizations and civil society advocacy groups affected by the reservoir.

The plans and information were presented in all the municipalities of influenced by the Plant and in the urban centers of Lajeadinho, Vila Canela, Vila Graciosa and Pinheirópolis. In one of the stages, the works’ implementation schedule and the reservoir filling was explained, describing the importance of the project in the national and state scenario.

Among the actions realized by the program were the distribution of booklets, guiding relocated families on the proper use of their properties, the promotion of the negotiation schedule and the promotion of the stages of the reservoir filling, which left the community informed of the results of the lake formation, the work evolution and the socio-environmental procedures to be executed. This program was completed and complemented by the Environmental Education Program (abbreviated in Portuguese as PEAL).